Interfaces and Partners

Everything a bit and nothing really? Not with us!

We’re specialists in our field: the display and delivery of operational information.
For everything else, we’ve formed strong partnerships with software firms and planning offices.



For operational management, operational command, complex personnel management, and inventory administration there are providers that develop excellent products. We work together with many of them and offer interfaces in order to exchange data on operations, personnel, and events. In so doing, we can avoid having to enter these data repeatedly.

We levy no additional costs for the use of the interfaces.
The setup and use is included in the service.


Your software doesn’t have an interface for the Alarm Dispatcher system yet?
Then contact us anytime.

If you are interested in the central interface server for dispatch systems, you can find more information on the page Alarm Dispatcher Connect.


Intelligent smoke detectors, intrusion detection systems, hazard lights, and much more can be connected to the Alarm Dispatcher system.
The following partner companies offer services and products that are compatible with the Alarm Dispatcher system and broaden our capabilities.

Are you convinced that we complement each other well?
Then contact us anytime.

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