Alarm Dispatcher Equipment

Operational information in the engine house and on the way.

Alarm Dispatcher Mini

The Alarm Dispatcher Mini is the heart of our emergency information system and a space-saving all-rounder. It supplies emergency monitors with information, starts emergency printouts, can control building automation systems and audio announcements and trigger the emergency services' apps.

The Alarm Dispatcher Mini receives its operational information via digital inputs (e.g. email, SMS, API or direct connection to the rescue coordiniation center). It can also be operated in conjunction with a central Alarm Dispatcher Box in the municipality or district if the coordination center area does not support digital alarm inputs. In this case, the Alarm Dispatcher Mini allows low-price solutions to equip several local fire brigades.

679* € (Quantity discount available starting at 5 units)

Alarm Dispatcher Box

The Alarm Dispatcher Box is the big brother of the Alarm Dispatcher Mini. It offers all of the features of the Alarm Dispatcher Mini and also includes a radio receiver, an energy-saving processing unit, and an antenna to guarantee the reception of the radio receiver.

The Alarm Dispatcher Box processes incoming alerts from analog and digital alarm networks (with an FME, DME, or TETRA detector depending on the federal state)

The Alarm Dispatcher Box can be used with wireless detectors from various manufacturers (including Swissphone, EuroBOS, Talent, and Oelmann). The use of an existing wireless detector is usually possible and is recommended.

starting at 1.599€ (not including radio receiver)

Alarm Dispatcher Monitor

The Alarm Dispatcher Monitor for Box and Mini brings together all of the information on current operations. The contents include an announcement image and operation description, route maps with hydrant locations, member responses, and the numbers of available members with their respective qualifications. 

The presentation can be optimized according to the field of use — for volunteer fire departments, ambulance stations, or dispatch centers, for example.

Our software “Alarm Dispatcher Einsatzmonitor” can also be used with your own monitor.

starting at 449€ including hardware
249€ not including hardware

Alarm Dispatcher App

With the Alarm Dispatcher App, emergency personnel also receive alerts on their smartphones and can confirm or deny their participation. Management personnel can see how many team members are available (in addition to their qualifications) and begin planning before they even reach the engine house.

The app allows for the complete management of team members, qualification groups, and permissions via smartphone.

In addition, the Alarm Dispatcher App includes an event feature for duty planning, including web meetings. 

3€ per year and user
(Price for aid organizations. Price for industrial clients starts at 5€)

Alarm Dispatcher Printer

After an alert is received, a dispatch with all the information on the operation is printed. Emergency personnel can keep this information close at hand on the way to the operation site, allowing them to make time-sensitive decisions on a sound basis.

Additionally notified personnel and resources are also displayed, so you can always know which resources are available to you at the operation site.

The dispatch also includes route maps, hydrant information, and maps of priority objects.

Our software “Alarm Dispatcher Printer” can also be used with your own printer.

starting at 549€ including hardware
(379€ not including hardware)

Alarm Dispatcher Control

The control unit for the vehicle depot enables the control of lighting, gates, exhaust extraction systems, and much more in set intervals after an alarm has been received — for even more time-saving and security when moving out.

starting at 449€ (control of more than 8 devices upon request)

Alarm Dispatcher audio output

Developed for professional fire departments and ambulance stations, the audio output reads the operation text aloud and provides the signal to existing loudspeaker systems. 

Both the tones and the spoken text can be customized so that alerted vehicles and organizations involved in the operation are also recited.

included in the service
(for aid organizations. Provided at cost for industrial clients)



Personal contact

Customization requests, questions about configuration and functionality, or help with procurement? We’ll assist you until everything is set up and anytime afterwards by telephone, email, or on site.

Continuous development

Customer wishes that lead to improvements for all users are added to the app in regular intervals, becoming available to every user.


Simple pricing model

No matter how many operations — the app always costs 3,00*€ pro Kamerad per year. You only pay for the actual users — there are no complicated packages.

integrated system

All-in-one solution

You can use the app on its own or expand it with our application monitor or application printer. It is also possible to control lights, locking systems, gates and exhaust extraction systems.

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* The indicated prices are net prices