Alarm Dispatcher App

Operational Information and personnel planning via smartphone, call, and text





Alarm linking



Personal contact

Customization requests, questions about configuration and functionality, or help with procurement? We’ll assist you until everything is set up and anytime afterwards by telephone, email, or on site.

Continuous development

Customer wishes that lead to improvements for all users are added to the app in regular intervals, becoming available to every user.


Simple pricing model

No matter how many operations — the app always costs 3.00€ per user per year. You only pay for the actual users — there are no complicated packages.

integrated system

All-in-one solution

You can use the app by itself or you can enhance it with our monitor or printer. It is even possible to control lighting, locking systems, gates, and exhaust extraction systems.


We’ll accompany you during the switch to the Alarm Dispatcher App and will handle almost all of the work.

Getting in touch

Use the contact form at the end of the page or call us at +49 351 418836 10
to let us know that you’re interested in the Alarm Dispatcher App.

app setup


We'll create your organization in the Alarm Dispatcher app and create your first alarm groups and function groups.
In addition, we’ll discuss alarm entry points with you.


You inform your emergency personnel that they can download the Alarm Dispatcher App from the App Store or the Play Store. Then you assign roles to the users and you're ready to go.

Off we go!

You would like your organization to be alerted with the Alarm Dispatcher App?
Then write us a short message and we’ll arrange everything else.