Alarm Dispatcher Traffic

Emergency vehicle preemption on the way to the scene


Due to increasing traffic on Germany’s roads, 
staying within the optimal response time is a major challenge. 

With the help of our intelligent control system, all traffic lights along a route can be switched to green — so emergency vehicles can cross intersections without obstruction.

The underlying technology was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Transportation Systems from the German Aerospace Center.


Reduced travel times

Delays due to traffic jams and the absence of emergency lanes are a thing of the past.


Arriving safely is of the utmost importance to emergency personnel. The risk of accidents can be greatly reduced thanks to the “green wave”.

Manufacturer independence

No matter who the manufacturer of the transportation technology in the command center is — our system has interfaces for all producers.

Flexible technology

Traffic lights can be managed via a central traffic computer or directly with control devices.


We’ll support you every step of the way to the “green wave” for your emergency vehicles.

Selection of appropriate route segments

Choose suitable route segments for emergency vehicle preemption. For example, this can be in the vicinity of fire, rescue, and police stations, or in areas subject to high traffic volumes. We’ll be happy to advise you.

On-site inspection

At an on-site appointment we’ll drive the route with you and inspect the installed technology. In addition, we’ll document traffic-related specifics and compare them to existing traffic documents. The involvement of all potential users plays an important role in this process.

Coordination of transport technology

In cooperation with fire departments, police departments, and rescue services, we will develop appropriate control strategies on the basis of the available transport technology. These are necessary for signal transmission at intersections, as well as for the overarching control of the system.

Off we go!

You would like your vehicles to arrive on the scene with the “green wave”?
Then write us a short message and we’ll set up an appointment.